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Like most Companies, DAYGY is always in search of excellent job for customers, always want to be better in our next job. In DAYGY, we have 3 missions for all our clients. "Listen" is our 1st mission, no matter what question you have, always can find an answer here. "Instant Reply" is 2nd mission, we will reply your email within 24 hours in Working days. "Custom-design" is 3rd mission, we can do custom-design in each item, as we want to be your reliable partner.
Safety comes first all of our works, we take care of your safety, your beer safety, your brewery safety, all we do is keep everything in safe.
Standard quality control in every tank, make sure every product have good quality to meet your standard, also an Official Warranty Statement is provided after our Contract.
Our Passion in service is same with yours in Beer. Custom design, Project management, Brewing support is not the only service we can do for you.
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