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TWO Vessels Brewhouse

Two Vessels Brewhouse, from 3.5bbl to 30bbl brewhouse.

Standard Specs:

 1) Mash/lauter tun, brew kettle/whirlpool vessel

2) Stainless steel working platform with sanitary piping and valves

3) NanHua Brand heat exchanger and wort aeration system

 4) Nema Control Panel

 5) LED light assemblies

6) Mash hydration assembly

7) Sanitary pumps(ABB motor) with VFD control



 Steam heat, Direct fired, Electric heat.

 3.5bbl-7bbl brewhouse with Skid-mouted.

 Lauter rakers & grain out plows.

 Glass wort grant

 Touch screen PLC control with Pneumatic valves

 Extra Mash lauter tun, whirlpool

 IFM flowmeter

 2 stage heat exchanger

 Kettle Steam condenser